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The Ant es un barranco de la Sierra de Guara, at the foot of Tozal de Guara, close to the town of Panzano. It is an ideal canyon to discover the boar, for in it anquismo en la Sierra de Guarafind all kinds of own obstacles in this activity are the rápeles, jumps, destrepes, slides and siphons. Además, es un barranco very affordable to reach it because we will only have to walk about 45 minutes and once completed, to return the car you just have to walk another 15 '. These very short distances, beautiful surroundings and a tour relatively easy and fun, it the star Guara Canyon.



Since it is one of the best known ravines Sierra de Guara, In summer you can suffer crowds, so we recommend start doing it before 9:30 or after 11:00 because at that time is when most people usually have.

As it is a short ravine, You do not need to take much food or much water. It is enough nibbles and half a liter of water per person ca..

If the weather, we can leave the parking with the right clothes (only swimming trunks or bathing suit and a T-shirt Lycra). If we cotton shirt wet and then will weigh heavily for days should be more sun cream on the face and can come in handy a cap. I do not recommend doing approach with escarpines posts. Better to do with socks and when we go to get start up the escarpines.

As for footwear, whenever we go into a ravine we have to wear closed shoes or boots. A mountain boot may be excessive, but better a light trekking boot a chaclas. We must not forget that the river is full of stones and hit on the fingers can hurt or even break.



Desde Huesca : Take A-22 autivía Lérida and leave at the exit we find (departure 89 Liesa address). Continue for about 10 minutes until the intersection with the A-1227 we will take rightward. After another 10 minutes pass the Camping Panzano and leave aside the village of the same name to reach the Parking Formiga before a small bridge that crosses.

from Barbastro: Take the A-22 direction Huesca and get away in Angüés to take the A-1228 to the village of Aguas. There, take the A-1227 and follow the same route described above.

Desde Alquézar o Rodellar: Go to the town of Bierge and reach the village turn right at the crossroads that marks Waters. Continue on this winding road and after a 20'cruzaremos Formiga river bridge and pass it around to the right we will see the parking. During the months of July and August should go up early or mid-morning and the parking fills up very often by the amount of people coming to do this ravine.


Once we parked the car across the Formiga river. If there has been no flood flow will not need to get wet our feet. If we see that water runs hard, we must assess our situation and look for an alternative plan if necessary.

Cueva de las Polvorosas. Desde este punto podrán comenzar los más pequeños
Cave Polvorosas. From this point you can start smaller

The path that leads to the beginning of barranco It is well marked. It begins with a steep climb through pines and then llanear and even slightly lower. after a 15 minute walk to our left hand we will see some pools. This will be the end of barranco and dedes here we take the same path to return to our cars. But now what we want is to reach the top. To do this we continue in the same direction by the sharp rise this time awaits us shadowless. From here the path becomes more delicate since we will gain altitude on barranco. We pass through a natural cave called “Cave Polvorosas” formerly used to keep goats. We can still see the remains of this “corral” goats and occasionally appear there.

barranco Formiga
Couple kissing in a beautiful corner of the Formiga ravine

In this point, we can use to put us harness and helmet for a little later we will need. Before starting barranco, We have to go through a stretch of trail with a serious fall on our left, but do not worry as there is a metal wire which we anchor our harness and carabiners our, so if we rebalaramos, we do not we fall.

When we finish this piece of trail with lifeline (so called cable prevents us drop us), we have to do one of two rappels that will take us to the beginning of the ravine. The first abseil is shorter but a little more complicated if the first time you rapelas. rappelling fund has about 18 meters but it's easier to lose.

Once we found this rappel down, only we have to cross the river to comfortably put on our wetsuits, eat something to get stronger and begin our adventure.

If before starting the ravine you need to go to the bathroom, there is a place a few meters upstream where people usually go. Because of the number of people passing through there every day, the state is is a bit unpleasant, so if possible is best done before or if you, at least not leave any, even biodegradable. If you want to see what happens when everyone leaves a note, Check out the video below.


Turismo activo para familias con niños. Barranquismo en la Huesca , Guara y el Pirineo
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barranco en la Sierra de Guara, Huesca
holding the end of the ravine

Just start the barranco, we have a slide de unos 3 meters. A little later, there's a hole inconspicuous in which we can sneak carefully or with the help of someone to fall gently on what is another slide. destrepes, small jumps (all avoidable if you're afraid to jump) and finally the first rápel. has approximately 7 meters and is very nice because it is done by the middle of the waterfall. After this rappelling we will find an impressive slide de unos 4 meters high can rappel if we are afraid slides. This part is the narrowest of all barranco, walls within 2 meters wide in which we find a large trunk that can overcome above or below if we have good lungs (It is what is known as a siphon). This is the most aquatic part, so we will be playing a swim and overcome a stone wedged between the walls either above or diving if the flow rate is low.

With children, We start the ravine from this area. To do rapelaremos from the Cave of Polvorosas to reach this area.

Later we'll find numerous jumps of different heights (between 1 and 4 meters), as well as some small cranny difficult to discover for yourself. Slowly we reach the end, but before we will find the highest jump across the ravine, de unos 7 meters

salto Formiga
canyoning in the most characteristic jump Formiga

height. It is a leap that impresses because it is very narrow. If we fear, we have several alternatives: a slide, rappelling and the worst, few meters before a leak on the left that goes direct to the way we. To my taste this jump is the most exciting part of the whole ravine and everyone usually remember.

barranco formiga
jump of 7 meters from Formiga seen from below. So less impressed


After the adrenaline to overcome this part, the rest will seem a breeze. It has not yet finished the ravine but it opens up a bit more and is generally easier. A slide and jumps will we finish the Formiga suddenly eager to repeat another ravine.

If you want to see more pictures of this ravine, You can see our Photo album, or some of the entries in nuestro blog

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