Peso y composición corporal. Pesar menos no implica estar más delgado.

Weight and body composition. Weighing less does not mean being thinner.

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Having a peso ideal, It is a difficult score, first determine out which is our “peso ideal”. There are several ideal weights for a given height and this is because we are accustomed to look only BMI (Body Mass Index) that the relationship between weight and height is measured without taking into account other factors. To calculate your ideal weight, is important to know our constitution biotype or. There are three clearly defined biotypes:

1. Endomorfo. People build large, waist and shoulders robust, strong with good muscle mass, but also tend to overweight. Suelen ser personas que presentan un peso corporal elevado. Este tipo de personas responde muy bien en deportes en los que la fuerza es lo más importante (weight-lifting for example.). Because of its abundant muscle mass, to begin a training program, increase their muscle glycogen stores, improving muscle tone and increasing rapidly while the weight quickly. This should not scare, on the contrary, It is a good sign. We're burning fat and genrando muscle and as muscle is denser than fat, we can be thinner while we gain weight.

2. Ectomorfo. They are thin people with long limbs. They are contrary to the endomorph type. They usually have little muscle mass and usually have great difficulty increasing. Advantage, not tend to accumulate weight as fat. This constitution is ideal for those people who exercise in the resistance and relative strength (weight) It is important (escalation, distance runners, etc.)

3. Mesomorfo. Also called athletic type their musculo-skeletal shapely proper type and muscle mass. They are usually people who have good performance in sports. Fat is stored in a more homogeneous way.