Here are some of the questions that may arise will. If you Aun so in clear, Maybe it's that ask.


¿Puedo regalar una actividad, without knowing with certainty the date?

Clear, and can also save some money. Si reservas para temporada baja y luego quieres venir en temporada alta, only have to pay the difference. Si reservations for high season, activity you can do at your leisure, yes, in this case the difference is not returned.

If I book and activity is canceled due to bad weather, What's up?

Nothing happens! Bad weather is in our lives and it is something we can not avoid. If the activity is suspended because our, I apologize and I'll refund your money. If the activity is suspended by force majeure, keep your reservation indefinitely for when you can back.

Have I pointed to a scheduled activity and now I can not go, What about my money?

If you have already made payment of the activity or a reservation, We can not pay you back, but worry, I'll guardamos for you to do when you can any other activity.

Can I sign up for any activity?

That depends on you. We offer Activities for everyone, ages, physical state, colors and flavors. We recommend that you talk to us to tell us what you want, and so we can recomendarte something to your measure. Now if you are not prepared to board a 3.000 or make a ravine level III, Subscribe a alguna actividad más sencilla deja algo para el futuro. Lo último que queremos es que guardes un mal recuerdo de la actividad

Can I bring my pet to the hiking trails?

We like animals as much as you, but not everyone is of the same opinion. To avoid uncomfortable situations, recomendamos que vengan solamente humanos, although they can provide more problems animals. :-)

What material have to take?

It depends. Depends on the activity you choose, of the season, meteorology…Although each section of our activities give information on the binding material, the time we reached a series of recommendations. Even so, is no more than We ask you if you have any questions.

¿Cómo me desplazo a las actividades?

Pixel Vertical has vehicles for displacement of our clients, although it may be not be compatible with some discounts or special prices. In Pixel Vertical try to organize vehicles to move the fewest cars. It is a matter of economy and ecology. If you have no car, sure some partner offers to take you and if not, We'll make a hole!

Do I want to do some activity for free, but I will not guide,What do I do?

Ask man, question! No cuts have. We've all gone alone to the mountain and we needed information. We're here to Huesca and enjoy all that it offers.